«Евгений Онегин». Варианты перевода

Александр Пушкин Julian Henry LowenfeldДжулиан Генри Лоуэнфельд James E. Falen
Мой дядя самых честных правил,Когда не в шутку занемог,

Он уважать себя заставил

И лучше выдумать не мог.

Его пример другим наука;

Но, Боже мой, какая скука

С больным сидеть и день и ночь,

Не отходя ни шагу прочь!

Какое низкое коварство


Полуживого забавлять,


Ему подушки поправлять,

Печально подносить лекарство,

Вздыхать и думать про себя:

Когда же черт возьмет тебя!

My uncle,  man of rules, most honest,When he fell ill beyond all joke,

Respect for himself forced upon us

(Better that could not be hoped)

Let others learn from his example,

But Lord, how deathly dull to sample

The patient’s sickbed night and day,

And never take a step away!

What execrably base  dissembling

To keep someone half-dead amused,

Prop up his pillows, sadly brood,

With melancholy bring him medicine,

Sigh – as you ask yourself – all through –

When will the Devil come for you!

My uncle, man of firm convictions…By falling gravely ill, he’s won

A due respect for his afflictions –

The only clever thing he’s done.

May his example profit others;

But God, what deadly boredom, brothers,

To tend a sick man night and day,

Not daring once to steal away!

And, oh, how base to pamper grossly

And entertain the nearly dead,

To fluff the pillows for his head,

And pass him medicines morosely –

While thinking under every sigh:

The devil take you, Uncle. Die!