Lady-Gangster (Murka)


(Melody of “Murka”)


The unhappy town,

Which in crime was drown,

Lies exactly at the Eastern Coast.

There were gangsters,

Very cruel youngsters.

Scores of lives in suburbs were lost.


Headed by a lady,

Always were ready,

Gangsters robbed both people and the state.

She was very clever,

Hesitated never,

Her knife was sharp as razor blade.


Once, as being thirsty,

At eleven thirty

In the Central Square I left my car,

Entered for a whisky

And a little disco

A well-known Irish noisy bar.


Suddenly was frightened,

To the floor tightened

Stood I in the corner of the hall.

Lady drank her whisky,

Being very risky,

With the cop, who was both thick and tall.


Oh, my heart was aching,

Into pieces breaking:

Lady-gangster her gang betrayed.

What to do with her

To be just and fair?

Who will give me proper moral aid?


Silence was an answer,

Moved I as a dancer,

Closer came and made decisive shots.

She and cop fell down,

Blood poured like a crown

Shutting all the doors and all the roads.


Gang is in the prison

For the legal reason,

The entire town well behaves.

That was a solution.

Soon the execution,

I see depth and width of their graves.


19 July 2011, Abdus Salam Institute, Miramare, Trieste, Italy

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  1. gabovich:

    Спасибо, и Вас поздравляю, и всех коллег по перу, что здесь собрались!


  2. Ефим Левертов:

    Сонька — Золотая ручка.
    С наступающим Новым Годом Вас!

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